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I am a writer/performer/producer/desginer. sign up to my mailing list to find out what I am up to at the moment.

I’m drawn to creating my own worlds in design, and then dreaming up characters and stories that inhabit these worlds. Currently Working on a project called Faemily Style!, that explores just this.

I am a Neo Futurists, a member of Fou Fou Ha, a Designer at House Of Yes.

I also run my own design production company Pink Wallet Productions

Pink Wallet Productions

Pink Wallet specializes in your cinematic art needs. 

From Production Design

to set decorating and costume design. 

we do it. 

Fanciful and Quirky Design:

WYNKN, BLINKN, AND NOD: A music video for Amanda Palmer where I was the Stylist / art department.

STRINGS: Music Video for Baby raptors where I was the Production Designer.

BUSH FOR THE PUSH: a body positive music video about loving your body hair for Brooklyn Rapper Miss Eaves Stylist

H.B.I.C: Music video for Kim Boekbinder where I was the Stylist / producer

I also recently finished styling a contemporary Dramady, set in Tuscany called ZELMA, yet to be released, and assisted in styling several characters in Accomodations, which I also am in.

I’ve also worked as a stylist for numerous plays and performances here in NYC, Including head of Design at House of Yes. 

More Traditional Production Design:

I often work with Gwyeenie Bee, a Woman’s wear company as the Production Designer on most of their shoots. Finding fun and flirty ways to showcase the numerous styles and outfits that their company showcases.

Side by Side

Never wear the same outfit twice

Sisterhood of the traveling outfit