Pink Wallet

Pink Wallet Productions is an emergent performance company

Specializing in all aspects of arts production from, casting and concept, through performance and production Pink Wallet Productions can help bring your artistic dreams to life. The company focus on several arenas; Film/Music Video Production, Performance, Styling, Marketing,  Events, and Art Production. The work in each specific area bleeds into the next and the entire company is geared towards producing rich and varied experiences that delight and amaze. It’s also the Arts Company under which Shelton Lindsay works.

Past clients Of Shelton Lindsay include:

Music Videos for Amanda Palmer, Underwear Campaigns for DirtyFit, and DirtyFit Cosmic Collection, Pickle Day Music Videos and Campaign for Lower East Side Business District,

Performances for The New York Neo-Futurists, Jerome Bel’s Ballet (New York), HBO’s High Maintenance, The House Of Yes, Pet Cube Commercial, Google Android Commercial.

Writing for Vice, Performa Magazine, The Radical Faerie Digest, Eyes Towards The Dove Soundbite Culture.

Marketing work on The Beekman, The Barclay Building, The Woolworth Building, Astor Place, 22 Riverside Terrace, 49 Chambers Street, Elland Road Partners.

Events Production for Splash!, The Get Down, Shine On, Morning Gloryville.