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My next runs with the Neo-Futurists in THE INFINITE WRENCH are

September: 14,15, 28,29, and October 5,6


November 9,10,16,17,23,24

at 10:30 at the Kraine 85 East 4th Street on 2nd Ave. (basically every fri/sat night) 

It’s our own going ever evolving attempt to produce art about life as it happens. Ever adapting and growing, if you have seen it once, that’s all you’ve seen.

also our Neo Gala is on Oct 29th. Come! great food, free drinks. Chill with fantastic artists.

Hosting Pickle Day on October 14th. Come eat a pickle!

Hosting Amateur Burlesque at the House of Yes on October 17th. Nothing Amateur about it, it’s full force trying and its fabulous.

Check back later to find October show dates for being a clown!

But Fou Fou Ha will be performing Bartshland Follies at the Mckittrick Hotel on Friday night’s and I’ll be their for some of them for sure.