Being both an only child and an avid journalist, (don’t worry I’ll never make you read my terrible journalistic poetry,) I have always had a fondness for written words. As a writer I produce work in a variety of mediums, from Neo-Futuristic Plays, to quasi-academic articles about queer theory. Here you will find a selection of articles that I have recently written from personal stories through to arts criticism.


I love to write. I mean really about almost anything, but I get a great joy in writing about my life. With a vague focus on the intersection between spirituality and modern gay/queer culture, the body, and my experiences of the world.



Often I write for outside publications. Here please find links to some of my more recent writings that have been published elsewhere on the internet.


Neo-Futurism is all about creating with expediency, mining the stories of your on life and how you look at the world to produce art that exists in the present. Here are some of my Neo futuristic plays.