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About shelton

Creative | Multi-Disciplinary | Queer

SHELTON LINDSAY is a queer multi-disciplinary creative who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He’s known for his fantastical and colorful creations alongside his chic and classic interior design.

Candid Magazine said Shelton “is turning art, gender and everything in between on its head, and when you speak with him, you realize the great potential for tangent. His brain is unlike anyone else’s, pulling thoughts and concepts ubiquitously. It’s as if he’s a hyper-intelligent being who’s come from another world to show us how to be amazing.”

SHELTON moved to NYC in 2013 after living in the U.K. for eight years, where he got a double Masters in English Literature and Film Theory from the University of St Andrews and a Masters of Research in Queer Theory and Performance Art from Goldsmiths in London.